Video Divina

Video Divina 2016-2017 - Stories of Transformation: Looking at Life Through the Lens of The Spirit

Part of what makes a film great is its capacity to portray transformation in the lives of its characters. But what drives this transformation? Is it a positive transformation, guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit blowing through all of creation, leading to growth and expansion of our capacity to think, feel, understand, and love? What happens when transformation is negative, moving us to self-destruction, exclusion of others, or violence?
Let us look at movies – and life – through the lens of the Holy Spirit!

This years movies are shown on Friday evenings from 7:00 to 9:30 PM in the Parish Rectory. The dates for this years movies are:
2016: October 28 & December 2
2017: January 13, February 3, April 28, June 2

For more information contact Fr. Raymond at (514) 481-0267 ext. 23 or

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