Our Lenten Journey to Resurrection

Have you ever had an experience in your life so wonderful, you didn’t want it to ever end?  Often, they are very short-lived experiences – a beautiful sunset, the feeling of connection with a friend, the ecstasy of falling in love, an exceptionally fine glass of wine, a beautiful dream from which

Becoming all things to all people

One of the more hopeful signs of this time of pandemic, with the reduction of social interaction for many people, has been an openness of exploring their inner life, their spiritual dimension.  This week, Jesuit author Fr.

This coming Friday, I have been invited to give a keynote address at the annual (virtual this year!) gathering of the Canadian Catholic Students’ Association.  As a former campus minister – and of course, university student – it is a community that is close to my heart.  Their theme this year, in

Salt and Light TV Mass: Mary, Queen of the World

Today, the Christmas season comes to a close with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.  It is a feast of relatively recent origin.  We are used to the dynamic of the four weeks of Advent leading into the so-called “twelve days of Christmas”, stretching from December 25th to the Solemn

Christmas, the story goes, is a time for family.  And even where the religious significance of Christmas has been forgotten or is marginalized, it remains the central family feast of the year.  It is a time not only to give gifts, but for families to come together, to put aside differences, to ta

Winter Cold Night

Dear friends, sisters and brothers in the newborn Christ:

Although Fr John and I were priests of different generations – he was ordained in 1966, I in 1991 – one thing we had in common was an experience of profound joy, when in March 2013, we witnessed the election of the first Pope from the global South: Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, now universally known as Pope Francis.  In his recent encyclical letter on fraternity and social friendship, Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis proclaims:  

33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

At a recent diocesan catechetical conference, I was talking with two of the speakers, Mike and Louise.  Mike was reading a book called “Multiple Intelligences”.  Apparently, just as there is “intellectual” intelligence to help you understand concepts, there is also “emotional” intelligence, “spir

The Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Those of you who have participated in the Scouting movement are no doubt familiar with this motto.  Along with “do a good deed each day” and “do your duty to God and the Queen”, it is one of the moral principles on which a good Scout’s life is founded.