Mass of Anointing

This afternoon we are celebrating a very special occasion, our annual Mass for the Sick.  During this Mass we will celebrate as a community another sacrament, the Sacrament of the anointing of the sick. So in the name of the Pastoral Team  here at St.

Synod on the Family

Today (Sunday October 4), the Synod of Bishops, gathered around Pope Francis, assisted by the expert advice of theologians, and inspired by the witness and personal experience of couples and individuals who minister to families, will continue the reflection it began last year, on “the pastoral ca

The Present - God's Precious Gift

In today’s Gospel, Jesus issues what seems to be a simple invitation.  “If you give even a cup of cold water to someone in need, you will receive your reward.”  (Contrast this with much harder-hitting message in James).  Doesn’t sound too onerous, does it?  Surely, all of us can manage a glass of

Just Being Myself

Jesus would make a great pediatrician! He loved children as we see in today’s Gospel where he takes a child in his arms and uses a child as an example of how we should relate to each other. We need to serve one another, even the most fragile and vulnerable among us.

Our Mission: Sent Forth to Proclaim and Live God’s Mercy

As you entered church today, hopefully you noticed the new banner hanging over the altar.  It will remain throughout the coming year, as a visual reminder of our theme in this, the third year of our journey to the heart of “The New Evangelization.”  If you remember, in our first year, we were inv

We Are What We Eat

Last Sunday, we interrupted our sequential Year B reading of Mark’s Gospel to hear St. John’s version of Jesus feeding the multitudes with the loaves and fishes.  And now, for the next four Sundays, we are invited to meditate on the spiritual significance of this event: we meet Jesus himself as the living Bread come down from heaven.  These texts, from the Bread of Life discourse in Chapter 6 of John's Gospel, seem at first glance to be very repetitive; Jesus seems to be going back and saying the same thing over and over.  I remember becoming vividly aware of this the summer of my second year as a priest, when I had to preach five Sundays in a row on what seemed to be the same readings!

A Shepherd after God's Own Heart

Today’s readings begin on a harsh note: God’s stinging condemnation of “shepherds who destroy and scatter, who have failed to care for God’s flock.” This is a hard message to hear – especially for those among us, clergy and lay leaders alike, who bear responsibility for shepherding.  When we hear

Nazareth Makes for a Tough Crowd

In today’s Gospel, we meet Jesus, preaching for the first time in front of the folks from home – the villagers who had seen him grow up, including his own extended family.  This was a tough challenge.  Small towns, which have their definite advantages, also sometimes breed small-mindedness.

Tragedy in South Carolina

Like many of you, I was shocked to hear the news last week of the killing of nine innocent people – all African-Americans – attending a Bible study at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  At a memorial service for their pastor (and South Carolina state Senator)

Fall Down - Then Get Up

Good morning! What a joy to be able to share in the Eucharist together!