Pastor's Corner

Trinity Sunday / World Environment Day

As we gather on this Trinity Sunday, we also mark World Environment Day.  In our liturgy, lovingly prepared by our Faith and Justice Committee, we are reminded of Pope Francis’ recent words on climate change: “The effective struggle against global warming will only be possible with a responsible collective answer that goes beyond particular interests and behavior and is developed free of political and economic pressures.  On climate change, there is a clear, definitive and ethical imperative to act.  The establishment of an international climate change treaty is a grave ethical and mora

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Listen To What the Spirit Is Saying to the Churches

This Sunday, the Easter season draws to a close, and we are missioned by the Holy Spirit as we celebrate the feast of Pentecost.  As recorded by Luke in the Acts of the Apostles, it is a scene of great drama: rushing wind, tongues of fire, the speaking of many languages.

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Letting Go and Letting God

Transitions are difficult moments in our lives.  Whenever we come to the end of something in our life, we face the challenge of letting go of what is familiar, of plunging into the unknown.  Letting go is hard.  No less, beginning again is hard, even when the new reality is something to which we've been looking forward for a long time.  As anyone who has worked their way through a 12-step recovery program knows, there is no other way: all we can do is “let go and let God”, living life “one day at a time!”

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Good Shepherd Sunday

Jesus tells His disciples that the sheep recognize the voice of the shepherd, that they run away from strangers. Even today, during the season of Easter there is a buzz in the sheepfold, a barely contained excitement: the Shepherd walks among us. We can feel Him as He draws near, gathering the children for their First Communion and clearing a way for them to the table. We can hear His gentle murmuring as He speaks to each of us, calling us by our name. Sometimes we feel so clumsy, struggling to carry out His wishes, falling prey to daily inconveniences and frustrations. But He comforts us with a touch, a word, a smile.

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Seeking Jesus

The disciples are seeking Jesus; they know he appeared to others, they seek to meet him themselves.  The Gospel reminds us we must never tire in seeking the Lord.  

Jesus walks on the road next to us: even if we do not always see him, we can feel his presence: in the peace, we sense in our heart, in the knowledge that He loves us, that He cares for us. 

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