Pastor's Corner

The Seed That Yearns to be a Tree

Pastor's Corner is taking a break for the Summer. Stay tuned for new insights in September.

There may be two main ways to get religion wrong. One is to presume that it has nothing to do with the material world.  The other mistake is to assume that if religion has nothing to do with the material world, then it has nothing to offer because that’s where people find themselves.

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Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

As we gather this weekend to celebrate Corpus Christi, the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, we will be highlighting our solidarity in the broken body of Christ with our First Nations’ brothers and sisters.  This week, we are learning what they have known or suspected for many years, about the terrible abuses suffered not only in Kamloops but in residential schools all across the country, 70% of which were operated by dioceses or by religious orders of the Roman Catholic Church. One in the Body of Christ, we share their grief, their pain, their anger, their loss. 

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The Feast of the Holy Trinity

One way to approach the Trinity is to imagine it as God’s infinite ability to meet us – each of us, all the time – exactly where we are, exactly what we are doing, with the understanding that we aren’t always in the same place.  Our emotional and spiritual needs change constantly.  God’s perfect knowledge and care of us includes knowing that we require more than a single image of God’s divine presence in our lives.

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He Breathes New Life!

In his powerful little book entitled 'Let Us Dream', Pope Francis lays out the challenge we face as we begin to emerge from the pandemic:

'We need a movement of people who listen to each other, who know they need each other, who have a sense of responsibility for one another and for the world we share.  We CAN come out of this crisis better.  But we have to see clearly, choose wisely, and act rightly. Let us talk this over. Let us dare to dream.'

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Do All Good Things Really Come to an End?

Before the Passion of Jesus, some of his followers saw him betrayed and denied. Then they watched him die a very humiliating death. Later, when they were told by some of the others that they had seen the Lord, many refused to believe. Eventually, after seeing the risen Lord for themselves, they came to believe in the Resurrection.  

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