Pastor's Corner

Come and See

Last Sunday, the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus was celebrated, bringing the Christmas-Epiphany cycle to its conclusion. Unlike Matthew and Luke, who begin with the infancy narratives, Mark begins his Gospel with the baptism of Jesus: the heavens opened, the Spirit descending like a dove, and the Father’s voice: “You are my Son, my beloved; with you I am well-pleased.”  Each day of his life, in every aspect of his mission on earth, Jesus lived out of the truth of those words spoken by his Father: he lived as the Beloved Son of God.

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A Prayer as I put on My Covid Mask

as I prepare to go into the world,
help me to see the sacrament
in the wearing of this cloth ---
let it be “an outward sign of an inward grace” ---
a tangible and visible way
of living love for my neighbors,
as I love myself.

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One Day in Time: A Prayer of Epiphany

Lord of All Nations, 
We longed to see your face, to hear your voice.
We kept the faith, and reached out in prayer
But too often, we failed to find you. 

And then, one day in time you placed yourself
within reach in the person of a child as vulnerable as any of us. 
King and peasant beheld you, Woman and man,
Slave and free, Jew and gentile. 

For you had come for all. 

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Christmas Wishes

For many of us, this pandemic has felt like a long, endless winter night. I am reminded of the Chronicles of Narnia, where the White Witch ruled over a land where "it was always winter but never Christmas."  But when Aslan came, spring returned to Narnia.  So too, for Mary and Joseph, the road from Nazareth to Bethlehem was a hard, cold journey

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Just before daybreak

There was a slight, yet brisk breeze blowing; it was as if the breeze were guiding me to the Temple. The sun was barely peeking over the surrounding hills as I walked into the courtyard. I started pacing, and as I turned around, a flickering light caught my eye. It seemed to be coming from one of the Temple rooms. It may have been a candle, but I couldn’t stop looking at its brilliance pouring from the window.

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