Pillars Trust Fund Adopts a Patron Saint

 October 29, 2017

Saint John Mary Vianney (1787 – 1849), the Cure of Ars and patron saint of parish priests worldwide is the special patron of the Pillars Trust Fund annual campaign this year. With the campaign focused on Reinforcing Parish Vitality, we pray to Saint John Mary Vianney to bring special blessings to our priests, and to those who might consider priestly vocations. In his first Parish assignment his Bishop told him, “There is little love of God in that parish; you will be the one to put it there.” John Mary obeyed and was rewarded with overwhelming success in revitalising the faith in many souls, and he served the parish for 41 years. Let us pray to Saint John Mary Vianney for courage to unleash the vitality that wells within all in our English Speaking Catholic Community, and to inspire generosity in support of our Campaign this year.

Find out more about this Saint at www.pillarstrust.org and while there – you can make an online donation to the Pillars Trust Fund. Thank you very much.