Altar Servers

The Altar Servers, drawn initially from the ranks of the Faith First students, provide liturgical support for Eucharistic celebrations and other services. An additional dimension to their participation is to develop a greater appreciation, reverence and love of the Eucharist and an appreciation for prayer as a basis of their relationship with God. As such it can be viewed as an extension of the Faith First Program. A full complement at a weekend mass is six servers.

The primary activity of the altar servers is to assist at Eucharist on weekends and major feasts and solemnities. To this end there are irregularly scheduled training sessions often preceding Faith First sessions. During the sessions there are two levels of training. The first is instruction in the mechanics of serving mass. The second is teaching senior servers how to assist the juniors.

There are three levels of Servers:

  • Brown level servers (designated by their cincture – colored belt) are beginners. The “brown period” lasts at least a year during which he/she learns the basic parts of the mass. To advance to the next level a server at the brown level must demonstrate that she/he is capable of serving at any position and have been available to serve on at least three occasions when there was no Faith First.
  • Cinctures matching the liturgical color of the season designate the second level. It is assumed that these servers are at a level where they can be paired with brown-level servers to support them as they learn. These servers advance by demonstrating the ability to serve with minimal assistance and teach others as well. It is expected that they will demonstrate a demeanor and presence on the sanctuary that speaks to a growth in reverence and respect for their role in the liturgy.
  • The highest level is the Gold level. Gold-level servers are expected to be proficient on the sanctuary. They are also expected to be role models for the junior servers. As well, the Gold-level servers are taught to support the development of the juniors, both in the procedures of serving as well as in an attitude of service, through example and instruction.

Sr. Lorraine Lebert, SSA, is the coordinator of this ministry. If you would like more information, please contact the parish office.