Pastor's Corner

Equality, Fairness, Justice and GOD

In the gospel parable, the workers protest against the owner of the vineyard for his unfairness. But as a story about God and God’s people, the meaning changes. Is the generosity you show and encourage in others similarly impartial?

Are you grateful for the graces and forgiveness God gives you, even when you don’t “deserve” them? Do you resent the mercy shown others because they don’t “deserve” it?

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Forgiveness: Complex, Yet Very Simple

Is forgiveness another name for the sacrament more formally known as Penance?  Well, yes, but the Eucharist is our premier sacrament of Reconciliation.  Baptism, too, accomplishes the forgiveness of sin.

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To Tell the Truth

Prophets are given the undesirable commission to point out to their fellow mortals the wrong they are doing, in order to dissuade them from their chosen path.  The truth-telling friends may see themselves in that role, but is most likely wrong about that.  For one thing, prophets are called to speak God’s truth, not their own.

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Where is God?

This past week the entire world was shocked and dismayed when two terrible explosions devastated Beirut, killed 135 people and seriously injured 5000.  Where was God in that awful moment?  Whenever shocking events rock the world, many shake their heads, and wonder what God is up to.   But is this the only response of a committed Christian?  Or can we, in fact, “Find God in all Things?”.

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Give Them something to Eat

We come together on Sunday to be nourished – at the twin tables of God’s Word in Scripture, and the table of the Bread of Life which is the Eucharist. How fitting that on this day that we are re-opening the church for public worship at the Sunday 11 a.m. Mass, that we should be hearing the Gospel account of Jesus feeding the multitudes with the loaves and fishes!   

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