Pillars Trust – Reinforcing Parish Vitality

 November 1, 2017

Did you know that the Pillars Trust Fund directly supports three important ministries in the diocese of Montreal for our English Catholic Community? Since 2008, Holly Kristen Eugenio – a face our young people recognize – has been a Youth Worker at the Youth Mission Office at the Archdiocese; in 2014, Corey Jolly – another familiar face – works as a Lay Evangelist out of the Office of English Pastoral Services at the Archdiocese, and this summer, Terrel Joseph – he’s a new face (but not for long) – is a Parish Vitality Consultant for the Pillars Trust Fund.

Reinforcing Parish Vitality is Pillars Trust’s campaign theme this year. The Pillars Trust Fund is on board with this initiative and we are confident that Terrel has the gifts, talents and the resources to help in this area. More information about these three people can be found in our campaign literature, or in “The Column” Pillar’s Trust’s September Newsletter found at www.pillarstrust.org. With your charitable gift to the Pillars Trust Fund you can help us to help these young ministers – as well as our many other Beneficiaries. Donate online or by picking up our campaign letter in your parish. Please be generous. Thank you!