Video Divina: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

St. Monica's Parish Hall - 6405 Terrebonne, Montreal, Qc.

Directed by: Kim Ki-duk
Korea, 2003 - Korean with English subtitles

A young boy lives in a small floating temple on a beautiful lake, together with a master who teaches him the ways of the Buddha. Years later, the boy, now a young man, experiences sexual awakening with a girl who has come to the temple to be healed by the master. The youth runs away to the outside world, but his lust turns his life into hell and leads him to commit a grievous crime. As an adult, he returns to the lake temple where, guided by the old master, he struggles to face his sins and limits, to make atonement, and to find spiritual enlightenment. In this original and fascinating narrative, Kim Ki-duk proposes essential dimensions of universal experience, the moral and spiritual journey all of us undertake and in which, with the grace of God, we achieve freedom, maturity and happiness.

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