Video Divina: La Neuvaine

St. Monica's Parish Hall - 6405 Terrebonne, Montreal, Qc.

Directed by: Bernard Émond

Canada/Quebec, 2005 - French with English subtitles

Jeanne is a Montreal doctor who is severely traumatized after an abusive man murders a woman and her child, whom Jeanne had placed in a women's shelter. Shattered, Jeanne withdraws from practicing medicine and flees Montreal until she pauses at the St. Anne-de-Beaupré shrine east of Quebec. Depressed, her life a shambles and without hope, Jeanne is about to leap from the village pier into the river, when a young man named François happens by to pray for his dying grand-mother. Francois is a simple lad who sweeps the floor at a grocery store, but he solidly clings to his faith. The encounter and conversations between these two wounded people move them in new directions, and quite unexpectedly, offer them hope and wholeness.

Friday, November 9th at 7:00 PM

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