The Colours of Grace

The Wonder and Joy of a Virtuous Life

St. Monica's Parish Hall - 6405 Terrebonne, Montreal, Qc.

Shifting away from the perspective of original sin to that of original grace, Fr. Lloyd Baugh S.J. will consider the living of the seven lively virtues – humility, admiration, forgiveness, zeal, generosity, asceticism, and chastity – as the foundation and fulfillment of the holy, happy and satisfying existence for which God creates us. Together we will explore how, in spite of what our popular cultures suggest, the subtly negative counterparts of the virtues – pride, envy, anger, indolence, avarice, gluttony and intemperance – inevitably undermine our freedom, our maturity and our ability to love, and lead us away from God and our best selves.

Presented by: Fr. Lloyd Baugh S.J. on Wednesday evenings: November 7, 14, 21 and 28, 2018.