Video Divina: The Other Son

St. Monica's Parish Hall - 6405 Terrebonne, Montreal, Qc.

Starring: Emmanuelle Devos, Pascal Elbé, and Jules Sitruk

In Jerusalem, a Jewish family is shocked by the news that their son has a blood group type different from theirs, and so, cannot be their son. Their doctor discovers that 18 year previous, an air raid hit the hospital where the Jewish child was born, and in the ensuing panic, that baby was switched by mistake with the new-born of a Palestinian family. The Palestinian boy has been raised as a Jew, and the son of the Jewish family is a Palestinian Muslim and lives on the other side of the wall that divides the country. The film investigates how the two families – political foes, so different in culture and beliefs – deal with this news, and how from being enemies, they need to become a family.